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We truly believe that the Upline system has the potential to improve the lives of millions of network marketers because it helps solve the biggest problem in the industry.


So what is that problem?  Here it is:  The biggest problem in the network marketing industry is that the people who are successful – the top 5-10% of network marketers – aren’t able to duplicate their success across the rest of their team.  The result is that 90% of network marketers lose money, and 70% quit their company every year.


Imagine a system that would allow every successful network marketer to duplicate their sales success in every one of their team members.  Incomes would rise, retention would rise, and the entire profession of network marketing would be way more attractive.  We believe that sales success Duplication is the single best thing that could happen to this industry.

And the Upline system is designed to do exactly that – take everything that has made you successful, and duplicate it across your entire team.

So how does it work?  Well, first of all, I want you to know that our approach is much more comprehensive…much more complete…than anything you’ve seen before.

Duplication…true duplication…happens when three things are true.

First, your team members need to do what you do…that means giving you the ability to oversee the daily sales activity of each member of your team.  How many leads are they generating, how many phone calls, emails, and text messages are they sending?  Are they active on social media?  You know exactly what it takes – the day-in day-out activity you put in – to be successful.  The Upline platform lets you track the sales activity of your team members in real time…so you can be sure that your team is doing what they need to do to achieve their goals.

The second key to duplication is making sure that everyone on your team knows what you know…that means giving them access to the same product knowledge, announcements, sales tips and other best practices that you know and use every day.  Until now, you didn’t have a great way to communicate with your team.  If you send an email to your team, or if you post an announcement in your Facebook group, you’re lucky if you reach 25 or 30% of your team.  That means that more than 70% of your teammates don’t get the information they need to be successful.  Upline solves that with a built-in world-class communication tool.  You can chat one-on-one with anyone you like or make announcements to your entire team.  Your announcements will trigger a push notification on all your team members smartphones…ensuring that 100% of your team knows everything they need to know to succeed.

The third and final key to true sales duplication is making sure that your team uses the same marketing content that you use.  Scripts, videos, pdfs, presentations, images and more.  If you post this content in your facebook group, it quickly gets disorganized, it gets out of date, and no one can find anything.  The Upline platform solves this problem with a built-in file sharing system.  You get unlimited storage…yes, unlimited storage…and you can upload any type of file you want…so when your teammates need marketing content, everything is perfectly organized and completely up to date.

Upline is the first system that allows you to achieve true sales duplication on your network marketing team.  With Upline you can oversee your team’s sales activities so you can make sure everyone is doing the right things, you can communicate with 100% of your team so you can be confident that your teammates know everything they need to know to close sales, and you can share as much marketing content as you like so your team can use exactly the same great content that you use in your sales presentations.

Imagine if you could take your success and duplicate it across each one of your teammates…how much would that improve their lives?  How much would it improve yours?  We believe that the Upline system can help network marketers around the world be more successful – we believe it will help millions of people achieve their financial goals – and we sincerely hope you’ll join us.

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